North to Alaska:

AK-Maasdam.jpg (12899 bytes)
The Maasdam with an impressive backdrop at Skagway

Ak-fjiord-3.jpg (11378 bytes) It was sunshine all the way-quite unusual in this part of the world!

Ak-dinner group.jpg (15393 bytes) 'Our' table for dinner-Funny Hat night.

AK-1.jpg (12259 bytes)

AK-2.jpg (10438 bytes) Glaciers hold a deep fascination whichever way you look at them.

Ak-Glacier Bay-1.jpg (10580 bytes)

Ak-Juneau-3.jpg (9458 bytes) Some of the historic buildings to be found in Skagway.

Ak-Juneau-4.jpg (15731 bytes) Ak-Juneau-1.jpg (11366 bytes)

Ak-fjiord-2.jpg (7581 bytes) We were blessed with calm waters all the way.

Ak-Ketchikan-2.jpg (13761 bytes) The approach to Ketchikan is delightful

Ak-Ketchikan-3.jpg (12613 bytes) Ketchikan's busy harbour.

Ak-Ketchikan-4.jpg (5331 bytes) Cruise ships line up at the harbour. Most carry 1200-1500 passengers but the latest are built for 2000.

Ak-Ketchikan-5.jpg (14130 bytes)  Ketchikan's historic red light district.

Ak-Ketchikan-6.jpg (11379 bytes) The most well known of Ketchkan's brothels-now spuced up and a great tourist attraction.