Between the Parks....

Helena,  capital city of Montana:

Helena-1.jpg (11968 bytes) Capitol Building

Helena-2.jpg (9856 bytes)  
Detail in ainting behind the Speaker's Chair in the Senate Chamber

Helena-3.jpg (13029 bytes)  
The Senate Chamber.

Helena-4.jpg (11257 bytes) Vestibule of the Capitol Building

Helena-5.jpg (15517 bytes)
 Pioneer cottage 18th century

Nevada City, Montana:
A village painstakingly put together by an historian from various buildings throughout the district, resulting in an authentic reproduction of the time.

Nev City-1.jpg (14096 bytes)  
A typical dwelling house with means of transport outside.

Nev City-2.jpg (11465 bytes)  
High street shop

Nev City-3.jpg (10336 bytes)  
Shop interior

Nev City-4.jpg (11324 bytes) Household goods

Nev City-5.jpg (13691 bytes)

Nev City-6.jpg (13328 bytes)

Salt Lake City, Utah:

SLC-1.jpg (8824 bytes) Church of the Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City

SLC-2.jpg (11027 bytes)  
Mormon choir with full orchestra performing for television.

SLC-3.jpg (9284 bytes)
 A fountain in Salt Lake City with a spectacular glass sculpture seen through the window of a cultural centre behind.

SLC-4.jpg (10323 bytes)  
A truly arresting sculpture in glass.

SLC-5.jpg (17113 bytes)  
The Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

As we travelled east on Hwy 64 from Kayenta ,Monument Valley' into New Mexico. We passed through Apache land on our way to Chama, a neat little town where one of the few remaining narrow guage, steam railways still operating can be found.  We continue east to Taos before turning south to Sante Fe.

SantaFe-1.jpg (9775 bytes)  
The Capitol Building Santa. Once again the architects have managed to avoid the 'traditional' capitol design ( an imitation of Washington).

SantaFe-2.jpg (10897 bytes)  
A market place in the centre of Santa Fe. All the buildings in the town have to be in the traditional adobe style. this makes it an unique city.

SantaFe-3.jpg (8945 bytes)  
The Capitol building turned out to be a veritable treasure house of works of art, including this statue just outside.

Sedona, Arizona:
(This is the furthest south that the soft Sandstone of the Colorado Plateau extends.)

Montezuma Castle, Tuzigoot (Apache for crooked water)
Montezuma-1.jpg (14074 bytes)       Montezuma-3.jpg (11232 bytes)
Mistakenly named after the Aztec ruler by early explorers. Indian tribes often used the cliff caves as dwelling places or for grain storage. All other evidence of these and other Indian tribes in the area vanished for no historically recorded reason around 1400AD, probably because several years of droughts led to starvation.

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson-1.jpg (7336 bytes)  
San Xaviour del Bac, a mission near the Segora Cactus Park

Tucson-2.jpg (14873 bytes)  
Altar of San Xaviour

Tucson-3.jpg (11154 bytes)

 Detail from carving in San Xaviour Mission

Tucson-4.jpg (7993 bytes)

Tucson-5.jpg (14054 bytes)  
Cactus in flower

Tucson-6.jpg (6261 bytes)

Segora Cactus Park

Family matter's:

Fairfield-4.jpg (12773 bytes)
O Brother...

Fairfield-5.jpg (11635 bytes)
(Dad) Todd  - (Son) Travis
            Taylor   -    Tyler             

Fairfield-6.jpg (11559 bytes)
(Daughter) Angie - Taylor - Bart

Fairfield-7.jpg (8817 bytes)
Angie - Taylor

The ' T 's continue...

Todd, Travis, Taylor, Tyler

Fairfield-8.jpg (8103 bytes)
Baby Taylor

My group....

Tholmer-1a.jpg (10925 bytes)   Tholmer-3.jpg (11601 bytes)
Zackary - Daniel - Grandpa - Jessica
Marianne (Daughter)

Laura-2.jpg (8298 bytes) Laura-3.jpg (6805 bytes) Laura-7.jpg (8780 bytes)

My dear friend Laura