Inniminka/Queensland Tablelands

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Three hours east of Adelaide we turn off the paved highway onto track to head north along the South Australia New South Wales border. Our destination is a little over 1000 Kilometers as we head for Innaminka and set up camp along Coopers Creek for the next 5 Days.
Stepping  back 50 years, Innaminka  with it's General Store/Service Station, Pub and Hotel.

If you happen to be a wake at 03:00 with nothing to do you can listen to Territory Radio on Short Wave and hear tunes from the 50's as people across Australia phone in their requests.
For this week we are travelling with Andy and Chyrl, a couple we met last year on our Epic Journey. Andy teaches Bobby about river fishing, and the next day we enjoy a great dinner of Carp.

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Continuing north we cross into Queensland. Our next stop is Longreach to visit the Stockmans Hall of Fame before heading for rain forest of  Millaa Millaa on The Tablelands in Central Queenslands, where our camp will be along side the Golf Couse were we will spend the next couple of  weeks.

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Most of our time is spent playing Golf with little sightseeing. The Tablelands located in the Dividing Range is a wonderful contrast to the arid Australian interior (Outback).

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Coopers Creek

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Milla Milla

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