Chapter II

aaa2-golfcourse-1.jpg (9510 bytes)
Bush Golf Course, Eidsvold

aaau-pic1.jpg (4867 bytes)
Photo Gallery

aaa2-golflady-1.jpg (8866 bytes)
Bush Golfer

aaa2-beach-1.jpg (7011 bytes)          40 Mile beach aaa2-beach-2.jpg (6067 bytes)

aaa2-bird1.jpg (5885 bytes)

aaa2-stormslouds.jpg (8873 bytes)

aaa2-trainstation.jpg (12262 bytes)
Old Railway Station

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aaa2-bird2.jpg (15909 bytes) aaa2-flower`.jpg (12154 bytes) aaa2-palm2.jpg (11647 bytes)

aaa2-river eel.jpg (7565 bytes)
River Eel

aaa2-falls1.jpg (11275 bytes)
Falls at Paronella Park

aaa2-creek1.jpg (13132 bytes)

aaa2-sugar-plant.jpg (7588 bytes)
Sugar Plant - Tully, Qld

aaa2-millaa millaa.jpg (8875 bytes)
Small Town Australia

aaa2-camp cook.jpg (10148 bytes)
Our Camp Cook

aaa2-giant fig.jpg (15255 bytes)
Giant Fig, thought to be 500 years old

aaa2-seaside_reflections.jpg (4387 bytes) aaa2-Draintree Riv.jpg (7272 bytes)

aaa2-ferry x'ng.jpg (9970 bytes)
Daintree River Crossing

aaa2-tree stand3.jpg (14511 bytes) aaa2-m on roof.jpg (13402 bytes)

aaa2-Endenvour Riv.jpg (7765 bytes)
Teh Endeavour River, Cooktown

aaa2-cooktwn golf.jpg (8662 bytes)
Cooktown Golf Course

aaa2-kukuu.jpg (6219 bytes)
A curlew who visited us each evening. He thought we were on 'his' territory and was very curious and not at all afraid of people.

aaa2-termite1.jpg (13156 bytes) These are termite mounds. Most are 7 - 8 feet high, 5 feet wide and 2 feet thick. Some look like fairy- tale castles. The Cape York Peninsula has lots of them, in fact it often looks as if only termites flourish here. aaa2-termite2.jpg (24441 bytes)

aaa2-red track1.jpg (9619 bytes)
This is one of the more interesting roads! Usually they stretch for miles and miles, straight and flat with the same unvaried vegetation.

aaa2-cookaborough.jpg (7464 bytes)A kookaburra poses for his photo

aaa2-flower2.jpg (7541 bytes)

aaa2-mining1.jpg (9328 bytes)
Calminco 'Bxite' mine tour - Weipa

They produce 40% of the worlds Bauxite

aaa2-mining3.jpg (7143 bytes)
150,000 ton load

aaa2-ebus2.jpg (7175 bytes) For Butch
aaa2-old rover.jpg (12592 bytes)
                                      with love..

aaa2-dulhunty cr.jpg (12196 bytes)The Dulhunty creek

aaa2-palm cr approach.jpg (11821 bytes)
Palm Creek approach

aaa2-palm cr enty.jpg (11266 bytes)
Palm Creek entry

aaa2-palm cr exit.jpg (12568 bytes)
Palm Creek exit

aaa2-gunshot1.jpg (13498 bytes) Gunshot is the most talked about creek crossing on the track. The two entry points (left) are almost a vertical drop. Now a bypass path  (right) gets you to the creek bed. aaa2-gunshot2.jpg (13383 bytes)

aaa2-twin falls1.jpg (10202 bytes)
Twin Falls

aaa2-twin falls4.jpg (12612 bytes)
Hilton style hydrotherapy at Twin Falls

aaa2-twin falls3.jpg (10289 bytes)

aaa2-eliot falls.jpg (11716 bytes)
The top of Eliot Falls

aaa2-punsand1.jpg (10151 bytes)Ready for sundowners on the verandah

aaa2-punsand2.jpg (8206 bytes)Pusand Bay beach

aaa2-cpt cook memorial.jpg (12150 bytes)Memorial on Possession Island where Captain James Cook  took possession of the land for King George III.

aaa2-bc-fishing.jpg (14996 bytes)
New line of work to provide supper

aaa2-pearl divers graves.jpg (14065 bytes)Graves of the Japanese pearl divers who worked on Thursday Island

aaa2-top1.jpg (18889 bytes)

12 August 2001
aaa2-top2.jpg (10410 bytes)

aaa2-top sign.jpg (8418 bytes)We made it to the Top!

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