aaa3-winlock river.jpg (12214 bytes) We camped by this creek

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Photo Gallery - Chapter III
The Top of Cape York to Darwin, NT

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Bush fires in the north are common occurances. Undergrowth is burned off every year so fires do not have the intensity of those  in  South Australia or North America.

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Lawn Hill Nat'l Park. Canoeing up the
Lawn Hill River

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Lawn Hill River

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This is a 1930's Outback bar the kind where the drovers and the likes of Crocodile Dundee would hang out.
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You can see the little Joey in mom's pouch

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Katherine Gorge

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Katherine Gorge

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Flying Foxes or Fruit Bats

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Early morning sun basking session

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The Australian Dingo

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a campsite visitor - Bluewinged kookaburra