A label on top of an egg carton
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Perhaps we should all become chickens...

Chapter V
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Photo Gallery
Broome, to Perth, WA

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aaa5-ostrige.jpg (9740 bytes)A good looking ostrich-not native to- Australia but loving the climate.

Western Australia Landscape
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Karajini Nat'l Park
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Millstream National Park

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Noisy neighbours having a midday snooze

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Pelican searching for breakfast

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A buff breasted rail who visited us frequently during the day

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Thanks Ian, Don & Norm or sharing their catch with us.

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Dolphins and Pelicans at Monkey Mia

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Monitor Lizard

Kalberri River Gorge
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Parrot World
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Pinnacle Desertaaa5-pinncales1.jpg (8256 bytes)

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