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Chapter VI
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Photo Gallery
Perth - Adelaide

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Fremantle Historic Hotel

aaa6-leeuwin Lthse.jpg (5386 bytes) Leeuwin Lighthouse

The water in the fore- ground is the Southern Ocean, the background the Indian Ocean.

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Leeuwin Nat'l Park

aaa6-honey eater1.jpg (15431 bytes)A honey eater greets the morning

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An award winning garden in Nannup

aaa6-camp7.jpg (12426 bytes)We camped in the Warren National Park next to this river.

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The camp site at Ballingup

aaa6-windfarm.jpg (7146 bytes)Wind farm at Albany which provides 75% of its power supply

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Tree top Walk at Walpole

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The Nullabor Plane

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This is the life....

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Superpit 1/Kalgoorlie, WA

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The Great Australian Bight

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Bird 7423

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(the middle picture is a wombat)

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Wave Rock

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White sand dunes

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Anglican Church in the middle of nowhere

aaa6-eyeir sunset.jpg (8635 bytes)Streaky Bay sunset


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